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Acronis cyber backup

Safeguard your windows and Linux environments with best-of-breed Acronis cyber backup.

Protecting your critical data when you run a windows server, windows server essential, or Linux server is extremely important. With Acronis cyber backup, you can back up individual files, applications, or entire systems to the storage of your choice so you can recover anything in lightning speed when required. Its impeccable integration with anti-malware offers a physical environment free from the advanced cyber threats that target backup files and processes.

Windows Server Essentials backup

Create an image-based backup for your windows server-essential environment that includes an operating system, data, and applications. It establishes a high level of compatibility while recovering the same or dissimilar hardware. All your data, such as your exchange, SQL, Server, SharePoint, teams, and Active databases, get catalogued during backup.

Windows Server Backup

With Acronis cyber backup, you can recover complete systems, separate disks, critical files &folders, Microsoft application data, etc., from a single backup. It is an intuitive, scalable solution that efficiently manages the window server environments by streamlining data protection tasks even when your business grows.

Linux server Backup

Now, you can back up your entire Linux server in one easy step with a few simple clicks. Acronis cyber protect is a one-stop solution that allows you to capture and recover individual files, folders, or a complete system. Acronis cyber protect, smart backups Operating systems, applications, configurations, and data required for recovery.

Features and benefits of Acronis cyber backup

Your critical data is at risk due to accidental or malicious incidents. You may accidentally delete it, and cyber-threats and hardware failure can be a concern. Many leading companies vouch for Acronis cyber protection as they are very well aware of the outcomes of having advanced backup technology than a traditional backup for their windows and Linux Servers.

  • Fast, secure, Accurate, and reliable recovery after any incidentsk.
  • Next- generation Anti-malware, URL filtering, Vulnerability Assessment, and patch management.
  • Comprehensive protection management of IT resources.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Anti-malware or anti-virus.
  • Multilevel and end-end encryption.
  • AI-based monitoring Alerts to protect your data.
  • Malware scans of backup files.
  • Efficient data storage.
  • Efficient data storage.
  • Efficient data storage.
  • Holistic support to all systems.
  • Avoid downtime and offers instant recovery from the backup.
  • Blockchain-based technology ensures data integrity.
  • Ultimate Cyber protection with Acronis backup.

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